The Doynton Hard Half Marathon did not have a company identity to represent the fun nature of the muddy, puny, but most of all hard running event.


The brand bound together the traditional features of Doynton’s iconic church, with elements of the true grit and muddiness of the event across a strong identity system.

The idea

The main identifier of the brand is the distinctive doorway form that depicts Doynton’s church. A mud-covered runner dashing up a grassy hill is also depicted, as is perfectly encapsulates the toughness of the event, but still delivers that it is a running event at the same time.

Brand Application

Figure illustration

Running branding is cluttered with running silhouettes that lack fun, imagination and the toughness of the event. The mud effect delivered the true trail of DHHM without words, creating a expressive illustration set that can be used across social media and the webpage.

photo archway


"Working with Jack was a delight. He listened attentively to my needs, took the time to understand the product, gave me some ideas to think about and developed the ones I liked with perfectly set expectations about delivery timescales."

Pete B - DHHM race director

The "pub" water stations

Instead of water stations, it was decided that for a unique race twist they would be turned into individual pubs. Each pub had its own name and logo that used the church archway element as a base for a puny running themed pub.

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